Using the Library

All users are expected to adhere to the Medical Library Rule.



Please visit the Library or use one of the online forms to apply for admission to the Medical Library. Choose the relevant application form (users with borrowing rights only). All online applications and renewals require a subsequent visit in person with the documents requested. Activation should be renewed annually. If not renewed within five years, the record will be deleted from the database unless there are unresolved blocks on the account. The cardholders can order books and any other materials online.

Should you require further admissions information, please contact

Medical Library Cards are free of charge for the faculty, staff and students of the Jagiellonian University (including Medical College). All other users are charged as follows:

 Library card with activation, annually

 PLN 10

 Renewal for the next year

 PLN 5

 Replacement card

 PLN 15


For all students of public universities in Kraków, the student ID serves as the library card once it is registered at the circulation desk (and the due fee is paid).

Medical Library Card is valid in the Jagiellonian Library and all branch libraries, where separate regulations are in force.



The Medical Library lends different numbers of books to different categories of reader. Items may be renewed multiple times, either online, by e-mail ( ) or in person, before they are due to be returned. Items cannot be renewed if they have been requested by someone else.


No. of Loans

Length of Loans

from the Reference Collection

from the Main Collection

JU MC Students of the following programmes:



Non-Degree Post Diploma


entire academic year

1 month

JU MC Faculty and PhD Students


3 months

JU Students of the following programmes:



Non-Degree Post Diploma


1 month

JU Faculty and PhD Students


3 months

JU (including JU MC) staff


1 month

Faculties or students of other public universities or research institutes in Kraków


JU Visitors

Kraków and Malopolska Region Medical Staff


Other Users

Reading only. No borrowing rights

*Borrowing only on payment of a returnable deposit or the employer guarantee

Although the card catalogue is gradually shrinking, it is still in use and you have to visit the library in person to carry out searches in this catalogue.

Online-requested materials may be picked up at the circulation desk within 3 working days (with the catalogue status marked as "Dostępny") or within 5 working days from receiving e-mail notification (with the catalogue status marked as "Wypożyczony") before they are returned to circulation.

If your loans (from any Jagiellonian University Library) become overdue, your library account will be suspended until you return them.


Library Charges

Any borrower who fails to return an item in time will be fined according to the Library Charges and will not be able to borrow any more items until your fine has been paid. Fines should be paid by cash at the circulation desk. Cardholders are responsible for loss of, and damage to materials they borrow. Medical Library will accept a replacement copy for lost or damaged material in lieu of payment (according to the Medical Library Rule, details to be agreed with librarian at the circulation desk). The Library would pursue legal action to secure the return of items or payment for them.


Library Services

Users can access the Library's collections and other services through the reading rooms. The reading rooms provide access to printed journal and book collections, computers with electronic resources such as journals and databases, and free WiFi network.

Due to the limited number of computers, priority is given to the staff and students of the Jagiellonian University. Reservation is recommended under the phone number +48 12 657 23 10.

Search results can be downloaded onto a data storage device (CDs available at the porter's desk) or e-mailed.


Photocopying of Library Materials

Readers may request a photocopy of materials held by the Medical Library. It is not allowed to copy either unpublished materials or special collection items. No more than a single photocopy should be produced, for the personal use only. The purpose of the copying must be non-commercial private study or research. Copying services are charged according to the Library Charges.

The Library's photocopying services are offered in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and derivate rights (O.J. 2006 No. 90, Item 631, as further amended).

Library hours

8am - 8pm
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8am - 4pm
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9am - 3pm