Management of the Library Collections

Library Collections

The JU MC Medical Library's collections are rich, with almost 300,000 volumes, over 300 journal titles, all doctoral and habilitation theses submitted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, and over 30,000 other non-electronic items including old prints, microfilms, standards, patents, and audiovisual material. Part of them form a Reference Collection (dedicated to student use) and collections of the institute libraries.

Our non-circulating collection of medical books printed between 1900 and 1945 contains almost 10,000 items, including Polish and foreign books.

The digital holdings are represented by varying number of electronic databases (about 20), journals (about 7,000 titles) and books from the following platforms: Ibuk, Access Medicine, Access Surgery, MyiLibrary, Medicine Complete, Ebrary Academic Complete. Doctoral dissertations submitted from 2004 are accessible in full-text versions in Digital Medical Library.

Accessing the Library eResources is possible both in the University network and outside of it by the proxy-server connection. For details see Remote Access to eResources.




  • The Online Catalogue of the Jagiellonian University Libraries Collections offers a quick way to search library collections across the University from a single place, ideal for quickly locating a copy of a book or journal. This catalogue covers the following Medical College holdings:
    • all books published after 1998 and a variety of older books, located in the JU MC Medical Library (constantly updated),
    • all current acquisitions (since 2004) located in the JU MC Medical Library and the libraries of institutes and departments,
    • the JU MC Medical Library Reading Room Collection,
    • the Reference Collection dedicated to student use (multiple copies of items),
    • doctoral and habilitation theses submitted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College,
    • collection of medical books printed between 1900 and 1945,
    • Polish and foreign journals (updated),
    • selected eDocuments,
    • Polish and foreign eBooks accessible in the Jagiellonian University network.
  • The JU MC Medical Library Card Catalogues cover the following collections:
    • books published before 1998, located in the JU MC Medical Library,
    • books published before 2005, located in the libraries of institutes and departments.
  • NUKAT brings together the catalogues of Polish research and academic libraries. You can discover and locate their holdings in a single search.

  • KaRo is a distributed search tool designed to perform comprehensive searches in catalogues of about 250 Polish libraries of all types: research, academic, public and others. It functions as an auxiliary tool for the NUKAT catalogue.

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Management of the Library Collections

The JU MC Medical Library collections are arranged according to the United States National Library of Medicine classification (NLMC) which is a widely used classification scheme throughout the world. NLM classification covers the fields of medicine and preclinical basic sciences. It is compatible with the Library of Congress schedules (LCC), which supplement the NLM Classification for subjects bordering on medicine and for general reference materials. We use LCC to catalogue non-medical books.

In both systems alphabetical letters denote broad subject categories which are further subdivided by numbers. In NLMC the one- and two-letter alphabetical identifiers employ a limited range of letters, only QS-QZ and W-WZ. This allows the system to co-exist with LCC (QS-QZ and W-WZ are not used in LCC).

In the NLM system, headings (letters or letter pairs) are interpreted broadly and include the physiological system, the specialties connected with them, the regions of the body chiefly concerned and subordinate related fields. NLMC is hierarchical, and within each schedule, division by organ usually has priority. Books are shelved by subject and it gives users a major advantage in gaining subject access to their contents. Browsing classified stacks enables them to simply recognize relevant texts whose keywords they cannot specify in advance. It is also easy to find all books on a particular topic in the catalogue: just enter the letter identifier (or the letter identifier with appropriate number) in the "Call Number" box and click "Search."

For more information on the subject categories see NLM Classification and Library of Congress Classification.

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